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Our software is about keeping people safe.

Internet, electricity, fresh water. Our software protects the underground infrastructure that keeps these things available.

People who work with this infrastructure use our software. When we design and build, we need to keep them safe, too.


There's a secret world of infrastructure hidden right under your feet.

  • Electricity

    Hit a major power cable, and see all the lights go out for a block. This isn't just about charging gadgets.

  • Gas

    Cozy homes, freshly-baked bread... and explosions if someone hits the wrong pipe.

  • Water

    Water spouting from your tap is good. A waterspout in the middle of the road is not.

  • Telecommunications

    Ever wonder why your Internet's gone out? Someone might have cut a cable. ;)


Help people stay safe, and feel secure.

  • Here's a granddad who wants to install a swimming pool for his grandkids. There's a professional excavator, waiting with with his backhoe.

    Our software is used by all sorts of people - all of whom need to stay safe while digging.

  • Some will be familiar with the procedures around underground infrastructure, but others may be digging for the first time.

    Our software should give people a clear path to their goals, warn them of potential dangers, and help them recover from any mistakes.


    Safer for them, easier for us.

    The PCUI framework is a collection of 5 main types of reusable patterns that makes it easier for us to build applications consistently, and quickly.

    • Common
    • Elements
    • Components
    • Templates
    • Workflows

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